Social Orientation and Relief Association (SOORA) is a non-governmental non-profit making charity organisation founded in 17th January 2018 in Walsall, West Midlands United Kingdom, and legally registered from the UK Charity Commission of England & Wales as a CIO Foundation on 16th September 2019. Soora is based in United Kingdom and operates east Africa countries including Somaliland and Somalia. Soora values the local existing potential resources from the communities in aims of strengthening community cohesion and self-reliance to achieve better life for all. Soora is dedicated to assist the disadvantaged people and needy communities throughout United Kingdom and Somaliland by engaging community development activities and also providing emergency relief assistance, resilience building, facilitating and promoting local community engagement and programs that emphasise self-reliance with dignity. Soora engages on a long-term commitment partnership approach with the beneficiaries in implementing the Projects. Soora has successfully managed to build significant relationship with government institutions, UN and International NGOs. Our vision targeted the diversity of people's different backgrounds and cultures to have similar life opportunities. The overall objectives that Soora is set up is to relieve the needs of the community who are in need by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances, in particular but not exclusively those who are from immigrant and refugee communities

Enhancing Vaccination Confidence in the community

The BAME communities are generally vulnerable to misinformation especially in times of uncertainty, due to a complex mix of cognitive, social and algorithmic biases. These include information overload and limited attention distances, majority of the community is easy to belief what have seen from the social media, many Social media activists use to mislead the community. therefore, Soora and Walsall for all cooperate to deliver vaccination promotion under community champions programme. the aims is to create strong and integrated communities in Walsall and west midlands. Our long-term plan recognises our strengths as well as our challenges and sets out the steps we will take to break down barriers to integration.

It is a partnership between Walsall Council, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and local organisations from the Public, Private and Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sectors. SOORA and Walsall for All is currently running the COVID-19 Community Champions programme, which aims to support residents from our minority ethnic communities, people with disabilities and under-represented groups who may be most at risk from COVID-19.

Covid-19 Community Support

During the coronavirus pandemic, Soora focused on coordinating deliveries of food, medical supplies and safety equipment to support the individuals and families that have been extremely affected by the ongoing health crisis including lonely elders, quarantined and self-isolated people, we already donated and delivered 1500 meal packages, 9000 face masks and 4000 gloves and gowns to the community. We focused very poor households, the people in emergency hospitals, the self-isolated in the homes, and lonely elders who are unable to go out for shopping because their vulnerability or poor sight.  we provided weekly food packages including rice, pasta, milk, water, toilet and kitchen tissue, tuna, Heanz and some vegetables or fruits. we also helped the large households with high number of children and the poor families’ children who rely on school meals by providing and delivering food and other essentials. We offered special assistance to those in quarantined or self -isolated, families experiencing homelessness, those are losing income due to coronavirus, small business owners who are losing revenue due to coronavirus by providing information and advice about the available resources and support programs such as universal credit.



My name is Rania, I am 54 years old, I live in Pleck area Walsall, West-Midlands. I feel covid-19 symptoms on 12 May 2020 at 15:03. I call NHS to help me. They advised to stay at home and to follow the instructions, I accepted the rule and started to quarantine myself in my home to save myself and my community for a half month in my home. For that period Soora help me to survive by delivering and bring food, medicine and everything I need for me. I am very grateful with Soora, now I planned to join Soora volunteers to support other people like me and those affected by covid-19. Thanks to Soora and everyone supported.

Awareness raise: we produced coronavirus awareness posters translated in to different languages including Arabic, French, Swahili and Somali languages to make easy the understanding of the virus and the prevention guidelines, the translated messages printed and publicly published to Walls and streets in Walsall and Birmingham. also shared through social media networks such as Watts App, Facebook, twitter, and other communication networks, these efforts resulted the community understand the danger of the coronavirus and practiced the safety instructions.

Education, Employability and sports

Soora is dedicated to improve the skills of the community and supports. The services we delivered including:

Education, learning and training

Language, culture and racial integration

Employment and labour

Arts, culture and heritage

Languages translation and Interpreting services

Events and workshops

IT / Technology and internet access

Sport and recreation (Ball games, Swimming and leisure services)

Children and young people home work support

Environment and improving surroundings

The advancement of education and training of those in the community who are in need thereof so as to advance them in life and assist them to adapt within the wider community was one of the activities and services delivered to the local communities in Walsall and Birmingham.Soora in collaboration with Walsall Council initiated free English training course for adults who struggling with English speaking, reading, writing or understanding. The course intended for beginners and will start from English alphabetical letters up to entry level one. This project is intended to focus the people with low English skills including refugee and migrants in Walsall and Birmingham. suitable sessions were delivered so as the participants understand smoothly and also is a part of the social integration and community cohesion. 90% of the expected outcome were achieved in 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.

Improving Health and Well-being of the young people and elders

Soora provide free counselling/Advice and Mentoring sessions for the young people and older people

we support the young children with special needs

Disability and double vulnerability persons

Substance abuse and drug addiction

Poor families and disadvantaged people to reduce Poverty and loneliness

we support homeless people and rough sleepers by referring them to housing associations and hostels

We also provide weekly safety awareness session to prevent crimes and social behaviour for the young people.

mentoring and volunteering opportunities are one of the methods use for young people to avoid knife crimes & street gangs .

We take holiday for the special needs children and their parents/guardians annually to relief and feel change.

we provide free tuition classes for the poor families's children who are unable to cover the tuition fee for their children specially but not exclusively refugee and immigrants families.


Improving Livelihood and Food Security

Food distribution for 156 families affected by droughts in Khatumo Village 

When the severe droughts outbreak in south east regions of Somaliland, 80% of the society in that area where lost their live stocks and became Internal Displaced persons (IDPs) in to their communities and the migrated to urban districts and village of Daad Madheedh Region such as Oodweyne, Khaatumo, Balli Hersi and Gudubi. Soora & Soydavo distributed row food and powder drinks to the needy families and those displaced for one reason or another, each family donated monthly food package including Rice, wheat, Sugar, Oil and Powder Milk, we also offered extra food supplements such as oats to the families with malnutrition or disability children to improve their growth and correct stunting for their development. many children affected malnutrition and it has severe consequences that can affect generations. Chronically malnourished children face lifelong consequences in reduced mental capacity, lower learning in school and reduced lifetime earnings.

Community Cohesion, Integration and diversity

Soora is committed to strength community cohesion and integration of the different communities in Birmingham and West midlands in general, the reason of the events is to promote the relationship and communication between local communities with different backgrounds and different culture, the goal of this project to advocate our community to integrate and respect all communities also to understand all human being are same right. we encouraged the community to take part the activities in the area supporting their live. The community cohesion is the best way to ensure that there are equal opportunities for all to succeed at the highest level possible and working to eliminate variations in outcomes for different groups and provides reasonable means for children, young people, their friends and families to interact with people from different backgrounds and build positive relations.